About Us

Nanci Grenier Boutet

Nanci Grenier Boutet is a lifelong beach lover and outdoorswoman (not necessarily athletic, just persistent), who started out body boarding in 1986 with her husband, Marc and two sons; Matt and Dustin. By 1991, Marc and Nanci were experimenting with the wrong surf equipment, taking a beating but loving it. Dustin and Matt fared a little bit better. After four years of getting up VERY inconsistently, Nanci and Marc started to get the hang of it. That's right, four years!

We believe learning to surf should be a fun, painless and rewarding experience, thus, the focus on the proper equipment. With the right equipment, any healthy person can learn.

While Nanci was studying for her business degree at The University of Southern Maine, entrepreneurism was a required class. As part of a term project, Aquaholics Surf Shop sounded like a feasible business idea. The rest is history.

  • Attended High school in Los Angeles
  • Beach Volleyball Competitor
  • High school dropout who went on to earn a college degree (Like we said, persistent!)
  • Home mom to two grown sons
  • Cosmetologist for 24 years (this explains the hair!)

A Surf Shop in Maine

Aquaholics had its humble beginnings in a space rented as two small ground floor apartments just up the road from the current location. The original store had a great feel and location, but we soon outgrew the low ceilings and limited space. After three years at the original 180 Port Road location, it was time to expand and grow.

We’d been eyeing the beautiful Advent Christian Church building up the street for a while and when the space became available, we signed the lease. We moved all of the inventory and fixtures with the help of family and friends in one frenzied evening. The negotiations and move happened over the course of one week. This is a pretty good measure of the energy and enthusiasm we at Aquaholics feel about what we do. After a few years in a lease agreement we finally convinced the previous owners to let us buy the building. We are very happy with the great feeling you get when you walk into the world of Aquaholics.

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